A  treasure hunter (Josh Margulies) discovers an old journal that, along with  a compass he inherited as a boy, leads to an ancient Hawaiian secret that’s been lost for generations. This powerful staff is known to contain a mystical force that could destroy the island. But his greedy rival (Dezmond Gilla) is determined to secure the staff’s power for himself, leading to a cat-and-mouse game through the wild Hawaiian rainforest.


Genre: Family, Adventure, Comedy
Length: 67 Mins

Starring: Josh Margulies, Dezmond Gilla, Stella Tinucci, Angelica Quinn, Terry Bookhart, Kava Jones

Written & directed by Stella Tinucci

Produced by Stella Tinucci & Josh Margulies
Executive Producer: François Raulin, Florence Raulin Cerceau, Fred DeWysocki

Sale Agent: Fantastic Films International

A Mascarade Pictures Production

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